About Marbertshop

Marbertshop is the Marbert webshop in the Netherlands with a largest range of Marbert items for very attractive prices. We started in 2005 because the Marbert brand was increasingly disappearing from drugstores and perfumeries. Customers from all over the country, Belgium, France and even Greece now know where to find us. We have a very good collaboration with Marbert in Germany and can therefore offer a very complete range at a competitive price. Marbert is also sold from our physical store in Hoorn (Mooi perfumery Verberne), where we carry many brands from Chanel to Rituals. We are located at Huesmolen 12 in Hoorn. Our family business has been around for 51 years and, in addition to a number of web shops, also has 5 drugstores (Etos) and a Mooi perfumery in the north of North Holland.
Brief history of Marbert
In 1936, beautician Margarethe Sendler and doctor Bert ha Roeber founded one of the first German cosmetics companies in Düsseldorf: Marbert
In 1948, Marbert became the first German cosmetics company to offer training and advice in the field of beauty and skin care. In 1958, Marbert was already one of the best-known brands in Germany in the 1950s and won a medal as the leading German brand for special cosmetics at the World Exhibition in Brussels in 1958. In 1968, Marbert entered the Dutch market and MARBERT was taken over by the global chemical company Hoechst. That made the brand great.
Marbert Bath & Body Classic for women
The best-selling women's products are by far the body lotions and shower gels from the Marbert Bath & Body Classic. The scent is composed of oriental and floral notes. Patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla form the basis. In addition, pineapple, hyacinth and orange blossom form the top notes of the fragrance. The heart of the fragrance is formed by lily, carnation and rose. In addition to the body lotions and shower gels, the eau de toilette and 4 different deodorants are available. All with a wonderful scent. Look here for the entire range.
Marbert Man Classic
Marbert Man Classic is the perfect perfume for the man who knows what he wants. The opening of the fragrance is refreshing, with lavender and sage, and the heart consists of juniper, cinnamon and honey. The warm base consists of cedarwood, patchouli and amber. In addition to the eau de toilette, there are numerous care products available, such as shower gel, after shave, moisturizing after shave, pre shave, three types of deodorant , hand cream and body lotion. Are you curious about what products are available?