Marbert Perfume

Marbert is known for its very high-quality and delicious body care products, for an affordable price. But did you know that Marbert also has wonderful perfume in its range?

Perfume from Marbert

  • Several women's fragrances
  • Bath and Body eau de toilette
  • Eau de toilette for men
  • Marbert Homme
  • Marbert Man Classic

Marbert perfume for women

Marbert has various women's fragrances in its range. How about the delicious one Marbert Woman Red ? A warm scent, with a combination of fruit and flowers. The fruits you smell are mandarin, passion fruit and pear. The wonderful floral scents come from jasmine and roses. The base note in the Marbert Woman Red is vanilla and cedar wood. The perfect scent for the elegant, confident woman.

Another wonderful eau de toilette for women is the Marbert Sun Spirit , inspired by the sun. The scent of raspberries and strawberries, in combination with vanilla and sandalwood, reminds you of a warm summer day. Stimulate your senses with this fresh perfume from Marbert.

Bath and Body eau de toilette

Marbert also has various Bath and Body eay de toilette. A wonderful spray that you can apply generously after showering to keep your skin smelling of the wonderful scents of Marbert for a long time.

The Marbert Bath and Body Classic is Marbert's most famous scent. The scent of orange, hyacinth and pineapple immediately stimulates your senses. The combination with roses, cloves and lily makes it a very refreshing perfume. Thanks to the soft base note of vanilla and the warm scent of patchouli and sandalwood, you will feel wonderfully refreshed after using this eau de toilette.

Another Marbert perfume is the Bath and Body Fresh. And as the name suggests, this perfume will make you feel completely fresh and cheerful. Citrus fruits provide freshness, while the different types of wood provide the necessary softness.

Finally, there is the Marbert Bath and Body Energy. The scent of green pepper, kiwi, lime and green tea will make you feel instantly energetic and refreshed. Amber and patchouli give this perfume an extra, sensual touch.

All bath and body eau de toilette can be sprayed generously over your body and are suitable for every skin type.

Marbert perfume for men

There is of course also delicious Marbert perfume available for men. There is the Marbert Homme eau de toilette. Fresh, thanks to the scent of apple and mandarin, but the combination with geranium, leather and oak moss make this perfume a real men's fragrance.

Also the Male Classic is a favorite. A spicy, spicy scent of sandalwood and leather, combined with moss and cloves give you the feeling of vitality and masculinity. The hint of citrus fruit provides that little bit extra you are looking for in a Marbert perfume.