Marbert Shower gel

Marbert is known for its delicious body care products. There are various body lotions for sale. Marbert also has several eau de toilette in the range, and other products for taking excellent care of your body.

One of the most favorite products in the Marbert webshop is the Marbert shower gel. Marbert has many different, wonderfully scented shower gels in its range, so there is certainly one that will appeal to you.

Different types of shower gel from Marbert

  • Marbert Bath Body Classic
  • Marbert Bath Body Fresh
  • Marbert Bath Body Energy
  • Special editions
  • Marbert Man

Marbert Classic shower gel

The Classic line is the best-known and best-selling line Marbert . The Classic shower gel has a unique scent based on fruit and flowers. Orange and pineapple provide the necessary freshness, while vanilla, patchouli, roses, hyacinth and sandalwood stimulate your senses even more.

This Marbert shower gel makes showering a party. The shower gel not only hydrates and makes your skin clean, but also wonderfully soft and smooth.

Marbert Fresh shower gel

The Fresh shower gel from Marbert gives you a refreshing feeling while showering, thanks to the scent of orange and mandarin. Jasmine, amber and muscat complete the whole and together form a true fragrance palette. Use this Marbert shower gel in the morning to wake up nicely. Or in the evening, to forget the hustle and bustle of the day.

Marbert Fresh shower gel is very tasty in combination with the Fresh body lotion . This way you can complete your body care.

Marbert Energy shower gel

Looking for an energetic shower gel? The Marbert Energy shower gel is then absolutely your product. The energetic scents of lime, green pepper, kiwi and green tea wake you up and immediately give you the necessary energy. The wonderful scent of jasmine and lotus gives this shower gel an extra feminine touch.

Marbert Man shower gel

Of course there is inside Marbert also thought about the man. The Marbert Man shower gel is the shower gel for real men. With seaweed and wheat germ protein you care for your skin in a mild and good way. Refresh yourself and enjoy the wonderful, spicy scent of our shower gel for men.

Marbert shower gel for everyone

There are more than enough different scents of Marbert shower gel within the range. So whatever your skin type, there is always a fragrance that suits your needs. Take good care of yourself and your skin. With Marbert shower gel this is no problem.