Marbert Bath & Body

Marbert care products are well-known and popular. With an extensive line of body care and beauty products, Marbert is loved by both men and women. In addition to perfume and facial care, Marbert also has various bath and body products.

Various Marbert bath and body lines

Marbert Bath Body Classic

The Bath and Body Classic in Marbert's most famous line. The products in this line have a wonderful, fascinating scent that stimulates all your senses. With the Bath and Body Classic body lotion you care for your skin with the familiar, fresh scent of pineapple, hyacinth and orange. You will also smell a wonderful touch of vanilla, patchouli, roses and sandalwood.

This floral scent makes the Classic body lotion one of the best-selling products within the Marbert Bath and Body line. In addition to the body lotion, there is also a delicious Bath and Body Classic shower gel. This floral shower gel pampers the skin and makes it silky soft.

To complete your body care, you can use the Marbert Bath and Body Classic deodorant. This protects you for 24 hours against perspiration and unpleasant body odors. Instead, you will smell the wonderful, floral scent of the Classic line all day long.

Marbert Bath Body Energy

Another Bath and Body line from Marbert is the Energy line. The products in this group have a wonderful, energetic scent of lime, kiwi, green tea and green pepper. An invigorating scent that will keep you energetic all day long. The combination with lotus and jasmine makes you feel like a woman through and through.

Within the Marbert Bath and Body Energy line you will find well-known products such as shower gel, body lotion and eau de toilette. The products within the Energy line are suitable for every skin type.

Marbert Bath Body Fresh

Then there is also the Marbert Bath and Body Fresh line. As the name suggests, this line has a wonderful, fresh scent. Mandarin and orange give you the feeling of freshness, while the scents of jasmine, nutmeg and amber stimulate your senses. This line from Marbert Body and Bath is wonderful as a refreshing shower gel in the morning or as a nice body lotion in the evening. There is also an eau de toilette and deodorant available to make you feel fresh and fruity all day long.

Special editions

In addition to the well-known Marbert Bath and Body lines, there are also special editions. There is the Bath and Body Sensitive body lotion and shower cream, especially for sensitive and/or dry skin. There are also body lotions and shower gels in limited edition scents. Be quick, because these unique scents are only available for sale for a limited time.

Marbert Bath and Body for everyone

As you can see, there are many different Marbert Bath and Body scents in the range. There will certainly be a scent that you like too. Try them out and discover what the scent sensations can do to you.