Ons unieke reinigingsproduct: Enzyme Peeling Powder

Our unique cleaning product: Enzyme Peeling Powder

The enzyme papain from papaya dissolves calloused skin cells without friction, activates cell renewal and leaves a soft, silky feeling. For clear skin with fine pores and a fresh, radiant appearance.

APPLICATION: Pour a hazelnut-sized amount of Enzyme Peeling Powder onto the damp palm, lather with a little water and spread over damp facial skin. Avoid the area around the eyes.

After a short gentle scrubbing action, which loosens loose skin cells, a milky, gentle cleansing foam is created that simultaneously gently but thoroughly washes skin oil, make-up residue and environmental pollutants from the skin. The peeling must be emulsified repeatedly with water so that the enzymes can develop their optimal function. Rinse with lukewarm water after 1-2 minutes.
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